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張燕光 Yeim-Kuan Chang
Chair and Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 62539
  • Router & Switch Design、Scalable Web Server、Cooperative Web Proxy、QoS、Network Processor Design、Computer Architecture、Multiprocessor Network and Cache Coherence Design、Fault-Tolerant
梁勝富 Sheng-Fu Liang
Vice Chair, Professor and Director of IMI
  • 06-2757575 ext 62549
  • Intelligent Technology and its Applications、Neurocognitive Brain Computer Interface、Biomedical Signal Processing、Portable Embedded Systems、Multimedia Signals and Systems
林英超 Ing-Chao Lin
Vice Chair, Professor And Chair of AI Project
  • 06-2757575 ext 62553
  • Reliable Energy-Efficient Computer Architecture、Deep Learning System Software Hardware Codesign and Acceleration、Electronic Design Automation、Digital Integrated Circuits/System-on-Chip Design 、Memory Architecture and System、Heterogeneous Computing System and Architecture
Hung-Yu Kao
李同益 Tong-Yee Lee
Chair Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 62531
  • 3D Game Design、3D Non-photo-realistic rendering、Computer Graphics and Animation、Visualization、Virtual Reality and Environment、3D Medical Surgical Simulation and Application、Video/Image Retargeting、3D Captcha Design for Internet Security
Hung-Yu Kao
吳宗憲 Chung-Hsien Wu
Chair Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 62521
  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning、Speech and Speaker Recognition、Speech Synthesis and Voice Conversion、Spoken Dialogue and Language Understanding、、Audio/Video Multimedia Summarization and Retrieval、Communication Aids for Hearing/Speech Impaired、Computer Assisted Language Learning、Multimedia Human-Machine Communication
Sun-Yuan Hsieh
謝孫源 Sun-Yuan Hsieh
Chair Professor and Dean of R&D
  • 06-2757575 ext 62538
  • Fault-tolerant computing、Bioinformatics、Parallel and distributed computing、Design and analysis of algorithms、Graph theory、Artificial Intelligence 、Deep learning algorithms、Intelligent Medicine
Sun-Yuan Hsieh
孫永年 Yung-Nien Sun
Distinguished Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 62526
  • Image Processing、Computer Vision、Medical Imaging、Industrial Vision、Medical Informatics、Visual Technology、Virtual Environment
黃崇明 Chung-Ming Huang
Distinguished Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 62523
  • Wireless Mobile Networks Protocol Design and Analysis、Media Processing and Streaming、Green Communication and Computing、Inovative Network Applications and Services
黃宗立 Tzonelih Hwang
Distinguished Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 62524
  • Cryptographic Techniques、Network Security、Information Security、Entrance Guarding System、Error Correction Code、Quantum Cryptography
Yau-Hwang Kuo
郭耀煌 Yau-Hwang Kuo
Distinguished Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 61661
  • Embedded System and Application、Sensor Network and Ubiquitous Computing、Boardband Netwokring、Intelligent Information System、Web Service Technolgy、Object-oriented Deisgn、Fuzzy System、Knowledge-based System、SoC Design、Artificial Intelligence、Context Aware、Digital Home
Yau-Hwang Kuo
蔣榮先 Jung-Hsien Chiang
Distinguished Professor and Chair of NCKU Hospital IT Office
  • 06-2757575 ext 62534
  • Biomedical Information Retrieval、Artificial Intelligence、Computational Intelligence、Cloud Healthcare、Cancer and Stem Cell Research、Big data Analysis
Hung-Yu Kao
陳培殷 Pei-Yin Chen
Distinguished Professor and Vice Dean of College of EECS
  • 06-2757575 ext 62547
  • VLSI/FPGA chip design、AI image processing and applications、Information system design、Embedded system design
李強 Chiang Lee
  • 06-2757575 ext 62528
  • AI and Big Data Processing Technology、Social Network/Cloud Data Parallel Computing、Geographic Information Systems、Web Database and Processing Technology
Hung-Yu Kao
鄭憲宗 Sheng-Tzong Cheng
  • 06-2757575 ext 62529
  • Wireless Communications, Internet Multimedia, Mobile Computing, Instant system, Digital Life Technol
Hung-Yu Kao
蘇文鈺 Wen Yu Su
  • 06-2757575 ext 62537
  • Digital Audio Signal Processing、Image/Video Processing/Compression、Computer Music Analysis/Synthesis、Document Image Processing、Media Processor Design、MPEG-4 Video/Audio/Structure Audio、DSP SoC
Hung-Chang Hsiao
郭淑美 Shu-Mei Guo
  • 06-2757575 ext 62525
  • Image Processing & Patton Recognition、Artificial Intelligence、Medical Image Processing、Evolutionary Computing、Fuzzy Theorem、System Control
Hung-Chang Hsiao
連震杰 Jenn-Jier James Lien
  • 06-2757575 ext 62540
  • Intelligent Robotics and Automation、Human-Computer Interaction and Augmented Reality、3D Automatic Optical Inspection、Visual Servo Control、Image Processing, 3D Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition、Machine Learning、Embedded System、Intelligent Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS, Cloud Computing)
Hung-Chang Hsiao
王士豪 Shyh-Hau Wang
  • 06-2757575 ext 62519
  • Ultrasound Signal and Imaging Technologies、Intelligent Assessment of Biological Tissues and Materials、Machine Learning & Intelligent AoT、Signal and Image Processings、Medical and Healthcare Informatics
Hung-Chang Hsiao
蘇銓清 Chuan-Ching Sue
  • 06-2757575 ext 62543
  • Optical Access Networks、Dependable WDM Optical Networks、Context-aware Sensor Networks、Internet Protocol TV System
Hung-Chang Hsiao
蕭宏章 Hung-Chang Hsiao
  • 06-2757575 ext 62548
  • Big Data Storage and Computing、High-performance Computing and Storage、Big Data、Peer-to-Peer Networks and Computing
Hung-Yu Kao
高宏宇 Hung-Yu Kao
  • 06-2757575 ext 62546
  • Information Retrieval / Extraction、Data Mining、Machine Learning、Web Computing、Bioinformatics、Social Network Computing
Hung-Chang Hsiao
張大緯 Da-Wei Chang
  • 06-2757575 ext 62551
  • Memory and Storage Systems、Operating Systems、Virtual Machines、Embedded Systems
Hung-Chang Hsiao
藍崑展 Kun-chan Lan
  • 06-2757575 ext 62550
  • Sensor Network, IoT, Telemedicine, Health Informatics, Acupuncture Robot
Wei-Ta Chu
賀保羅 Paul H.
  • 06-2757575 ext 62532
  • Motif Discovery Algorithms、Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis、Machine Learning on Biological Sequence Data & Protein Subcellular Localization Informatics、Medical Informatics、Protein Subcellular Localization Informatics、Protein Subcellular Localization
Wei-Ta Chu
朱威達 Wei-Ta Chu
  • 06-2757575 ext 62557
  • Multimedia systems、Machine learning、Computer vision
Wei-Ta Chu
盧文祥 Wen-Hsiang Lu
Associate Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 62545
  • Natural Language Processing、Web Mining/Text Mining、Information Retrieval、Speech Recognition、Machine Translation、Cross-language Knowledge System、Digital Libraries、Medical Information Retrieval
許靜芳 Ching-Fang Hsu
Associate Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 62535
  • Wavelength-Division-Multiplexed Networks、Routing Algorithms Design、Internet Protocols
楊中平 Chung-Ping Young
Associate Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 62533
  • Microprocessor Architecture and Interface、Real-time Embedded System、Virtual Instrumentation
吳明龍 Ming-Long Wu
Associate Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 62541
  • Biomedical image processing、Parallel computation、Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI、Functional MRI、MRI pulse sequence design、Machine learning、Data Science
蔡孟勳 Meng-Hsun Tsai
Associate Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 62518
  • Internet of Things (IoT)、Software Defined Networking (SDN)、Design and Analysis of Mobile Network (GSM/UMTS/LTE/LTE-A/5G)、Performance Evaluation、Voice over IP (VoIP) Network
Kun-Ta Chuang
莊坤達 Kun-Ta Chuang
Associate Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 62556
  • Data Mining、Database、Cloud Computing、Web Intelligence、Distributed Ledger Technology、Intelligent Engine Management
Chia-Heng Tu
涂嘉恒 Chia-Heng Tu
Assistant Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 62527
  • Heterogeneous parallel computing、Embedded systems design and optimization、Compiler design
Chi-Yeh Chen
陳奇業 Chi-Yeh Chen
Assistant Professor
  • 06-2757575 ext 62520-2407
  • High-performance parallel and distributed computing、Design and analysis of algorithms、Deep learning algorithms、Graph theory